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Hope is not an option for Jerusalem

written by Ala based on an interview with Alon

Born and raised in Jerusalem for eighteen years, today Alon is leaving “Kids for Peace” the organization that he joined five years ago, to join the Israeli military service. And for eighteen years he’s been familiar with the conflict that started in 1948 fifty years before he was born.

A Conflict of land more than a conflict of three different religions I’d say, yet I do not understand how far can they be apart? when they come from the same source and in details they are very much alike.

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Actions speak louder than words they say, and I believe it is the same for this city. Ignorance on the other hand is the real enemy we are facing, educating ourselves about the other side and the will to compromise is what makes us find common ground and true Peace.

In his back pack Alon does not only carry his clothes but also strong believes and values that he got from a family that values justice and equality. Alon believes in Israel, however he also believes in standing against carrying military orders that violates human rights of the Palestinian people.

The five years that Alon has been with “Kids for Peace” has introduced him to the Palestinian point of view and a wider vision of the situation as a whole.

Therefore hope is not an option in Jerusalem but actions are. Just like Alon believes, we all need to start taking actions, to start understanding the other, to start making compromises that are just for both sides, to see beyond religion, race and language and to see each other for who we are “Humans”, that are capable of loving, of working with each other and most of all of living with each other in a mutual respect. To see each other as humans not as enemies, to understand that religion is a way of life not a reason to hate and kill.

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