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Some Resources

Changing the World – A short introduction in the science of transformative action developed by Scott Sherman. He did reasearch on successful processes of change and identified key attributes. See also: http://www.transformativeaction.org/

MENA-policy for a new generation – A collection of political articles by young scholars and activist in the MENA region. “YAANI – the Young Arab Analysts Network International – is a project to develop capacity in policy analysis amongst young people in the MENA region, with the objective that evidence-based well-argued policy propositions will not only help young people clarify their demands…” (From the Preface) See also http://ya3ni.org/

 FDTD – A book surprise.

The Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria: The Role of Religion in International Relations – Proceedings and Declaration from an Interfaith Consulation on Syria in Amman, Jordan from October 11-13, 2013.

UPF’s Middle East Peace Initiative – An overview over past activities and an article by Shelley Elkayam (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on its impact.


Partner Interviews

With the 40 participants seated in a circle, Bogdan explained how to contribute to social change in our communities. Some of us are academic and factual while others are activists, artists, creative and such and we can use our skills in different ways to contribute. The initiative of this seminar was developed from the thought of bringing people from around the Mediterranean Sea, with its rich history, together. The aim is to leave Malta empowered and provided with the right tools to work in our own communities and create a change. This is our common goal. This should express itself in many ways. One of the ways was to conduct an interview with a partner from the participants. This was the task we were given a few days earlier and the aim was to get a mutual learning from each other, while telling each other our stories. The idea was to listen to the stories of the person next to us, in order to develop it and get to know more about the person based on our curiosity and their experience. After this short introduction we were given more the time to meet up and continue working with our partners on our interviews.

Aidan & Hakim

Get inspired

October 24th, the first thing I read on the news was Six National Guardsmen and one Police officer killed. It is a hard time in Tunisia, the fact that I am not in my country did not help me to feel better and this very nice landscape in Malta wasn’t enough to make me relax. The news were pulling me down and I needed to get inspired to be able to move on and continue what I am doing.

556244_10150822859971884_623466033_nBogdan, a young leader in UPF Austria, one of the organizers of Creating Change 2013 Malta is studying Physics and philosophy. He is passionate about both of them because they push him to think. Talking to him was so inspiring, this young man unlike the majority of youth that dream about making a career, be famous and make fortune wants to be a high school teacher. He is interested in alternative education to help kids with special needs. Influenced by his career in Physics, Bogdan wants to explore and learn while he is teaching. Spreading peace and love around the world for Bogdan is not a simple mission, it is a way of life that he already adopted successfully. Thanks to his mother, that exceptional woman who quiet her job, her career and dedicated her life to take care of her handicapped baby who was developing slowly unlike the other kids. She formed herself on alternative education field and her efforts were obviously fruitful. Bogdan’s brother manged to overcome his disabilities have a career as a computer programmer and own a special car that can replace the slow wheelchair. About his father Bogdan said: He is a practical man, smart in his way and he has been usually there for us. The photos that I have seen of his family drowned my heart with joy and made me believe that healthy and balanced families are the main pieces of the puzzle that can help you put together a peaceful world. Bogdan is so active and committed to his values, he has been part of many projects but one of the things that marked his life and his experience was his visit with different people from different backgrounds (Turkey, UK, US, Austria..) to Palestine and Israel. Where they had the chance to talk to people on the street and report that later to school’s students in Austria. Bogdan thinks that it is easy to judge people when you don’t listen to them and believes that the Austrians students should not keep thinking that they are stupid people who are killing each others and should get the whole image, Prejudges are more difficult to split than atoms, he said.

Bogdan is planning to start his teaching career with his young and lovely wife who is passionate of art, kids and education.

I hope that strong mother who was the main sourcing of inspiration for her son to do what he believes it can help the world and the humanity and inspired me in an indirect way can inspire the Tunisians to hold their hands and take initiative to stop the suffer, spread peace and make change so Tunisia becomes a peaceful part of the world like it has been before.

By Wafa