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Some Resources

Changing the World – A short introduction in the science of transformative action developed by Scott Sherman. He did reasearch on successful processes of change and identified key attributes. See also:

MENA-policy for a new generation – A collection of political articles by young scholars and activist in the MENA region. “YAANI – the Young Arab Analysts Network International – is a project to develop capacity in policy analysis amongst young people in the MENA region, with the objective that evidence-based well-argued policy propositions will not only help young people clarify their demands…” (From the Preface) See also

 FDTD – A book surprise.

The Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria: The Role of Religion in International Relations – Proceedings and Declaration from an Interfaith Consulation on Syria in Amman, Jordan from October 11-13, 2013.

UPF’s Middle East Peace Initiative – An overview over past activities and an article by Shelley Elkayam (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on its impact.


Change Makers shooting off

One offshoot of Creating Change is the ChangeMaker program, developed by us. The youth of Tunisia sparked in its protests the Arab Spring. After the revolution big challenges arose and blocked anticipated developments. Young Tunisians are still waiting for their reward. More effective initiatives need to be taken.

For a first outline see ChangeMakers.

Emna getting the idea for the ChangeMaker program

Attract Your Fish

Malta Team Presentation

SKIT- Short Film- Presentation

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Summing up :  Malta, European Leaders Conference 2011

At the conclusion of this historic conference assessing “A New Vision for Cooperation Between Europe and Africa and the Culture of Peace,” we propose that the relationship of Europe and Africa be fostered, for the sake of peace and development, through mutual respect, dialogue, and “people to people” interaction, guided by the principle of living for the sake of others. In this way, we can build a culture of peace.

Just as Malta has sustained its neutrality under many trials and embraced its neighbors to the north and south, Europe and Africa should hold to a relationship that recognizes their common interest in cooperation for prosperity and peace. By engaging in ongoing, constructive dialogue both Europeans and Africans can achieve greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of one another.

Malta-Mediterranean Thoughts:

Here is the Link to “25 Nautical Miles” the NGO fish4tomorrow and the Youth NGO Greenhouse in Malta are concerned about the Mediterranean fish situation, while zooming in on our Islands current on goings.