480658_10152002469407392_1971220657_n“If you go with the flow, good things will happen”, a statement that sums up a lot of the journey’s that Tom has been on in the past years, and that ultimately resulted in his coming to Malta. It is also this openness to travel and explore the world, as well as an attention to people and their stories that led to Tom and Lukas starting Shabka.org. Shabka.org is a blog dedicated to building a network of people, challenging social structures and allowing people who are not heard in the media a voice. As such, when Lukas asked Tom to come with him to Malta, after Bogdan asked Lukas to come along as Shabka.org, the answer was “why not!”

Of course, things haven’t always gone to plan. One time, Tom was going to New Orleans to work on a personal photography project, and had to travel there from Canada. As it was super-expensive to fly from Canada to America, he decided to catch a coach from Canada to Pittsburgh and fly from there. However, the coach got cancelled without warning, leading him to stay with a friend for the night and to re-book the coach for the morning. The bus he booked for the morning however didn’t take him anywhere near to the airport, and by the time that they got to the bus station it was 12 PM. A sleepless two hours passed and then a guy approached him and asked for money for petrol. Thankfully though, the two struck a deal, Tom would give him money for petrol, and he would drive him to the airport. When Tom finally reached New Orleans, he was exhausted, a trip that should have taken less than a day took two, and without sleeping either. However, arriving in New Orleans he was greeted by a local who threw Mardi Gras beads around his neck and welcomed him warmly. He had also arrived with time enough to complete his assignment too, after worrying that he wouldn’t make it, he was back on schedule!



“Things usually work out” he said, even the not so great experiences are funny to look back on, and make for amazing stories. It’s such a shame that this project was only for a week, otherwise I’m sure this blog post would turn into a book about being stung by jelly fish, cycling through countries, and our plan to save Koala’s, and who doesn’t want to hear about that?

It was so much fun talking to Tom, he has a million stories to tell and by this time next year, I’m sure he’ll have a million more.



Lauren Turner


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