Everyone has a story to tell; whether it is about themselves, other people or objects that have had a deep influence in their lives or the surrounding environment.
I interviewed a young man from Austria, Lukas, 28, who also has a unique story. Lukas’ story tells about his dreams and the way he sees his life and the world through his choices and actions.
This young man who is, by all means, full of potential, has smart ideas, observations and desire to see positive change happening in communities and the entire global society in all its standpoints. He can be an example of this uprising generation who is willing and acting hard to make the world better place for everyone.

Lukas grew up in Austria, and as long as he remembers, politics and society issues have always found their ways to his thinking. In fact, later all these interests lead him to leave remarkable footprints in numerous working fields.
After Lukas received his Civil Engineering Certificate, he went to do military service. The training took him a couple of years, but in the meantime he headed to Australia and studied geo-science. After that he went back to Vienna and had academic training for Environmental Engineering and Development Studies.

Lukas’ curiosity and interest in knowing about global issues as well as having a positive influence on them, directed him to have a particular interest in the Middle East. Also for clarity he wanted to get rid of stereotypes and prejudices, and gain a good understanding of the region.

Lukas has been and still is involved in many projects. In the last years he worked for research projects, for instance, on Lebanese society, Syrian society and Syrian-Israeli conflict. He also worked in Palestine and was involved in humanitarian project in Libya. In addition to his interest in the Middle East, Lukas works for Austrian Ministry Of Defense as a conflict analyst, counseling, writing reports and monitoring conflicts.

Currently, Lukas’ focus is on Shabka, a newborn global network with a profound insight to contribute in political development. Shabka’s background is in in-depth analyses of specific key topics, which are critical research, development, peace and conflict research or environment and agriculture. And the aim is to provide students, young academics and journalists a space to publish their scientific papers and analyses.
Lukas and his enthusiastic co-workers are developing Shabka in a very collective sense, and Lukas believes that big achievements and change require collaboration.

Personally i was amazed by the fact that he had done all these 10 years, as it would’ve taken more years from most of the people. One could call him a time-traveller and a person who’s truly committed to what his has been doing.

By Angelina,

Proofreader: Katri


Interview with Lukas


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