In the ocean of opportunities


Since childhood Alma has been creative and artistic, in addition to being very interested in the environment. These passions have shaped and developed with time, for instance, through travelling.

During a youth exchange in Mexico in 2007, Alma was invited to the home of a Mexican family for lunch. As it was Sunday, the housekeeper had a day off, and to Alma’s astonishment, the family refused to do the dishes by themselves, using only disposable cutlery. This repeated every time the housekeeper was not available and Alma, being environmentally conscious, found it very strange. Such consumption and ignorance towards the environment was visible in various aspects of life in Mexico, and was caused by the fact that people did not know the impact of their actions on nature.

Due to her interest in languages and travelling, Alma studied both English and Spanish, and in addition to that, is currently studying for a degree in Environmental Education. Alma finds that education is the key to peaceful and sustainable global society, and is also studying to be a teacher.  In addition to studying, this ambitious girl is working for an international organization called United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF), which provides education to people who otherwise would not have the access to it.

Even though Alma might seem to be sailing in the ocean of different opportunities, and her various interests are taking a great deal of her time and energy, she believes that they can somehow be connected. When it comes to environment versus languages and people, she remarks that ‘Environmental protection is also protection of people.’

Whether on the field of environmental issues or languages, I am certain that Alma will succeed in her ambitions, spreading knowledge and creating positive change in our increasingly global world.

By Katri


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