The story how Lauren ended up in Malta

PA230079This is Lauren. And this is the story of how she ended up at the Creating Change conference in Malta.

Lauren graduated in English Literature and Film Studies in London. She enjoyed the creative element of making short films, such as perspective, concept and the creativity lying behind visual arts. Like many art-related studies it was hard to get a decent job afterwards, especially in the rational meritocracy of modern society. After a joyful sunny summer in England Lauren started looking. However she ended up in a job she wasn’t passionate about with terrible working hours. And if that wasn´t enough, she lost this job after four months.

Time went by and money slipped through her fingers. After another four months of unemployment Lauren started at the Job Center doing “work experience”. This was basically an unpaid internship, that might be useful in getting experience, as the title suggests, but ultimately doesn´t pay the bills. But as unpredictable as life can be, Lauren met two guys there who had their own company. They run a media company and work within photography and film. As such, Lauren got an invitation to an event in the houses of parliament that happened to be organized by the UPF. There she met Christa, who is the Co-director at Youth UPF in London.

She invited her to the “CreatingChange2013” conference in Malta soon after. That is where Lauren is at the moment. She´s still working with the two guys she met at the Job Center in London, and doing lots of freelance media based things.

The bottom line is: All of this would not have happened if Lauren hadn´t lost her first job that was terrible anyway. Sometimes life can play quite cynical games, and in the end things can turn out completely different than one would expect. Things that seem quite negative at first glance can lead to fundamental change in life, if not for anything else, for this push out of the comfort zone, change is worth embracing.

by Tom


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