The King of the Alphs

1392721_10200707980441470_622285749_nA very down to earth noble man with casual brown trousers, belt and simple shoes.  The King of the Alphs (meaning behind his name). It is not usual to be interviewed by a majesty but that was an experience I had on one of my journeys to Malta, when we were randomly placed at the same table for dinner. To my greatest joy,  by the typing mistake of Shabka – the presidential Crew overseeing the activities. So it happened we had the whole evening to ourselves as he waited for his conference to start. It was epic, I had so many questions which he kindly responded. In the short space of time, I heard of his travels from home country to many different countries, the Political Science studies in a catholic University in the American college. I was overwhelmed and like a little child hearing bed time stories of past emperors, I listened to his detailed description of each country, its cultures, the people there, everyone likes to travel and oh my!! It’s good to be able to travel but at the same time he expressed how important it is not to forget one’s own homeland.

I can change my shirt but not my skin that was a wow for me, his calm state and charismatic way of presenting his experiences; however he said, we are in a globalized world and as much as we are connected to everything that happens to another country, we shouldn’t forget where we come from came across as very patriotic but also clearly showed his new idea of creating a global-kinda-homeland.

When his entourage finally arrived, I saw his hands go to his knees and he bent forward to stand up, I knew this was probably it, I had enjoyed my time, I wasn’t going to ask more, but he moved, his hands to his face, touched his “cool-mafia look sunglasses” and waved adieu. I could have stayed the whole week listening to his stories, of his mixed origin, voyage, education, hopes and never get bored. It was the best unexpected surprise I had during this trip.

The very well versed man, made lots of jokes about his life, difficulties, experiences and enjoyed the creating change seminar, and now is in the process of making the country more open but also warm in accepting the new globalization.

For privacy reasons, his name has been protected.

By Christa


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