Malta : house of tolerance

Why is a bus driver interested to participate in an international federation of peace ? what makes a young man who stands for a week in a hotel sharing ideas with others instead of making money ?

Before answering i must admit that i was surprised to see someone like that because in my country bus drivers don’t care. They are unfortunately limited but what is more dangerous to me is that they are hopeless because they refuse change.

In my country, Tunisia, someone like Christopher Frendo will only think about marriage as he is 29 years-old and then he will start his adventure in the monotonous life with taking care of children, preparing food and caring about his little family.

But Christopher or Chris came to UPF with one goal, a big vision and a huge faith : he wants to see people all over the world but especially in Malta, his homeland, to be more tolerant. He wants to see tolerance as the only fuel of the people. He is tired, bored and deeply feared by extremist people in his country and in the world because to him humanity is one bloc and can’t be divided.

I was listening to him with a lot of intention because he is not talking only about muslims or islamists as we used to hear in the media and read on the internet. He was talking about Christian people, Maltese citizens and his own experiences within. Through chris’s thoughts we can truly and clearly see that intolerance has no religion, no race, no sex and no language. We are tolerant or we are not. The matter is clear and simple but the perception is problematic. Why and who ? it’s simple to ask but hard to apply, because tolerance is believing that everyone is free and responsible, tolerance has no identity and was definitely created by men, Ibn Rumi said Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged . Therefore, Chris is hoping not to be judged and to see peace through everyone’s eyes. He could be idealist but i believe that if everybody is thinks as he does, the idea will be the reality.

It is really funny to hear him saying that if he was a president (I’m sure that he will be a good one by the way), he would first build public houses for poor people, create fixed jobs and improve the salary and the conditions of works. On the other hand he will encourage for investments and private jobs because he wants the private companies and small businesses to get involved in general interest.

He would educate people to make them more tolerant by integrating it in the education system and their way of living.

And to prove that Chris is really a tolerant man i asked him if he would refuse that his son will go fighting in a war, he replied that he will be really sad but he will let him do what he is convinced to do, even if his son will fight for a specific ideology. He is seeing tolerance like an extreme freedom and acceptance which is very humble and difficult at the same time.

Finally when i asked him about his philosophy he answered directly and sharply like this: before passing in action, you must think and rethink

He is Christopher the Maltese man with a white heart and a peaceful soul.



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