Make change Promote peace

1381052_10151747802141379_2125218695_nMake change promote peace, this was the slogan of my interviewee AbdlHakim Salem, a young Libyan activist. Our activist lives in Finland but he was born and grew up in Libya. Few years ago Hakim has a woeful car accident that put him in a coma and caused many wounds to his body but not to his soul. He woke up with a strong spirit that appreciated more the life and felt the need to live in peace with all people, that pushed him to look for peace everywhere. Peace is what ceases fire from guns and politics is what it keep it runs this is why Hakim chose to be involved in peace and politics in order to make a change in his society and his country. Actively participating in conferences, trainings and writing in Libyan magazines about middle east conflicts and other political and cultural Arabic issues. Even in Finland he continued writing in online magazine, mainly about the Arabic Spring and always about the Arabic political issues. My pen is my weapon, I’m writing to contribute in the good of Libya, I want to aware Libyan about the issues and the challenges that we are facing after the revolution Said Hakim. His pen and his articles led him to UPF Europe and Islamic Relief, those two NGOs gave him a chance to be internationally active, to represent Libya and to speak about the Arab Spring, peace and politics. Working in Youth UPF Finland, Hakim was chosen as Ambassador of peace in UPF in France in 2012. A little reward for our activist who still hungry for peace and dreaming of peaceful Libya. With a smiling face and eyes full of hope Hakim said  The current situation is full of challenges and seems quiet difficult but I believe in the people who did the revolution in very extraordinary circumstances, they will overcome all this and Libya will be back as we know it and as we love it.

Qawra, Malta  October 23rd, 2013



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