I am everything

I am not one thing she told me, and I don’t like this division… I could be a lot of things, I can be everything.

Asma was born in Germany to Egyptian parents, she lives in The U.K, she is a Muslim but most importantly she is a woman. But she is not only that. She is many things at a time. She can be anything she wants, without limits, without fears. In a country with a Muslim minority, her love and commitment to her religion never seized to grow and knowing that knowledge is power she reinforced her love of her religion with learning as much as she could about it. She calls herself Muslim, but she believes in the unity. She has always asked herself questions about God and her existence. She found her truth and her truth found her. Islam, is her path, but she is a citizen of the world. Her mission, is to promote inter-cultural dialogue and co-existence between the west and the East with a focus on showing the world that Muslims are just like everyone else. She is a beautiful being, a beautiful woman and I had the pleasure to meet her.

By Roua


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