Arabic Italian Maltese: The mixture

I will tell you today about the story that Aidan Corlett , 24 years-old, half Maltese, half Kiwi and studying at the university of Malta shared with me.

Malta’s history is very rich,because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean people came to it from everywhere.

The first settlers were from Sicily like about 5000 years ago ( in 1400), then they gave up Malta to the British who came in the late of 1600.

In fact,this small beautiful country was like a multing pot of different languages.

In Maltese schools,they used to teach only English language so people learnt maltese at home with their families.They started learning English at the age of three and Maltese at the age of five.Only a tiny minority was able to speak maltese.All signs in street were in English but in the last year,they begin to write them in maltese.

Actually,in 1964, when Britain left Malta peacefully, a political leader called  Dominico Mintoff emphasized the Maltese language and made it the official language of the country in addition of the English.

Mintoff wanted to created union between Maltese because workers used to speak maltese and the upper class was speaking Italian and English.

To conclude here are some exemples that prove the mixture of this language,example: IL-Qamar borrowed from the Arabic dialect which means the moon and X-Xemx ( al chams) also borrowed from Arabic and which means the sun and many other words. Imbutta which means push and it’s borrowed from Italian language.

BY yasmine


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