Partner Interviews

With the 40 participants seated in a circle, Bogdan explained how to contribute to social change in our communities. Some of us are academic and factual while others are activists, artists, creative and such and we can use our skills in different ways to contribute. The initiative of this seminar was developed from the thought of bringing people from around the Mediterranean Sea, with its rich history, together. The aim is to leave Malta empowered and provided with the right tools to work in our own communities and create a change. This is our common goal. This should express itself in many ways. One of the ways was to conduct an interview with a partner from the participants. This was the task we were given a few days earlier and the aim was to get a mutual learning from each other, while telling each other our stories. The idea was to listen to the stories of the person next to us, in order to develop it and get to know more about the person based on our curiosity and their experience. After this short introduction we were given more the time to meet up and continue working with our partners on our interviews.

Aidan & Hakim


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