The interconnectedness of our actions

After being born in 1989 in todays South Sudan and living in Egypt as a refugee from Sudan with her family until 2005, Angelina today lives and studies in Finland. The experiences during her childhood and youth clearly made the interconnectedness of actions that take place in different places and times in a globalized world visible to her; she „grew“ into being „globally aware“.

For Angelina things are „globally interconnected, even if the connections are sometimes not being seen in the first place“. Clearly, „what happens on a local level cannot be disconnected from the global level“, bringing an element of „global responsibility“ in the lives of all of us. In that sense, global responsibility means acknowledging our responsibility in a globalizing world. Conversely, global responsibility also means that „everyone can affect change“ and open up spaces for individual, local action in a globalized world.

In seeing the world from an interconnected point of view, an entry point for action can be made on an individual basis. It means that our actions on a local level can certainly contribute to meet global challenges, rendering them into common challenges. Angelina for example uses her experiences in trainings run by the International Civil Service about immigration and global education projects in schools in Finland‘s remote rural areas. She also voluntarily works in a local council on trying to bringing together local residents and immigrants.

Nevertheless, the question remains how our actions are globally interconnected for all of us, not only for persons like Angelina who „were globally raised“. It is important because it makes clear how local actions can affect lives of people in different parts of the world. To cut a long story short, the „how to read the world“ ultimately defines „how we (re-)write the world“.

By Lukas (thanks to Rebecca for proofreading)


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