International marriages creating world peace?

Is there a successful way of enabling peace throughout our globe? The 25 year old Paulo is just one of many participants from the religious movement called the Unification Church. Its aim is to break down barriers through international marriages, uniting different cultures, beliefs and also personalities eventually leading to world peace. But is it as easy as that? Can there be world peace by uniting different nationalities through marriages?

According to Paulo, whose parents are from different countries Italy and Germany he has profited from his dual cultural background breaking down prejudices and growing up in many countries. This has certainly had an impact on his upbringing, making him aware of differences, but seeing them as daily positive contributions to life. Growing up everywhere, but nowhere specifically Paulo describes himself as an European-citizen speaking four languages fluently and understanding five more languages. Having an international background and upbringing he believes in the mission of spreading peace by uniting different cultures through marriage. After his studies in Italy he will move to Japan in order to live with his Japanese fiancé, making HIS contribution to a global peaceful home.

And what is yours?

By Anja


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