Beauty of cultures

22/10/2013 17:00 h – 18:30 h

By Amira
During Tuesday evening session, participants have learnt about countries culture of their colleagues . Some of these countries were Austria, Finland, and Egypt. The Austria team made the majority of us to realise the beauty of Austria, despite stereotyping. The Finland team shared interesting information on Finnish traditions. Although the main participants from Egypt team were unable to make it to Malta, the team was still able to produce a truly creative and powerful presentation.
The Austrian team successfully managed to make a very engaging presentation. Alma worn a beautiful tradition costume, which made a strong emphasise on the deep culture and history of which Austria holds. The team created an engaging session through encouraging  participants in the room to share personal thoughts on Austria. Some of the mentioned thoughts were ” Micka chocolate”, ” Flat lands” , “clean country” , “philosophers”, “Neutrality” and “red bull”. In addition to this, the team had a deep concern towards the issue of “racism” in the Austrian society. As young people, they believed that they were privileged to speak up and pin point such a critical issue, where possibly  the old Austrian generations might had found it difficult to speak freely about.
Finland is rich in natural resources and traditions. According to Angelina and Katri, water and forest are considered one of the most important resources of the country. Interestingly, Finland has around 187,888 lakes. The team also talked about a distinctive tradition known as Sauna. Sauna is a bathing tradition where a bather gets subjected to hot steam using birch twigs.
 Although the main participants from Egypt team were unable to make it to the exchange, the team was still able to produce a creative presentation. Kops is a young talented Egyptian artist who dedicated his work on expressing emotions through art. Throughout the session, Kops emphasised the importance of “love”. He came up with a new concept. He named it as “Ministry of Love” . According to Kops, the idea of having a ministry JUST for “love” could possibly have a positive impact on a society.
Overall, the atmosphere was energetic and activities were very enjoyable.

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