Learning from history

21/10/2013 15:00 h – 16:45 h

By Ala and Yasmine

Tim Miller, who is working with the Universal Peace Federation for more than 10 years, participated as an Ambassador for Peace Community of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups.

He provided us with a very rich presentation on Learning from History and addressing conflict causes & resolutions.

He started his presentation by highlighting UNESCO’s work and developments starting 16 November 1945 and talking about its principles.


He linked his presentation with many quotes from different religious traditions. One emphasis that Peace needs to start in the  minds of men. He gave historic examples of wars and conflicts (1st and  2nd World War) and asked how dignity, equality and mutual respect  can be created.

One basic principles he identified: How Peace is rooted in the principle and practice of living for the sake of others. The Individual lives for the whole, and the whole cares for the Individuals. As steps towards finding  peace in oneself, one key is to address the conflict in oneself between selfishness & unselfishness.

One point Mr. Miller stressed was that it is the individuals choice to resolve or to repeat past conflicts (PAST + FUTURE). He suggested three steps for conflict  resolution:

  1. Self reflection & re-orientation: Deal with the problem, take responsibility for my contribution to the conflict

  2. Restitution: Seek to correct injustice.

  3. Reconciliation & renewal: Forgive & accept forgiveness

At the end of the presentation he pointed out that in promoting peace and reconciliation it is crucial not to devalue the other and seek shared higher values. Peace is a strength not a weakness.


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