Greeting me with my name

21/10/2013 09:00 h – 10:30 h

By Najla and Lauren

Situated in the Athena conference room, in a hotel overlooking the sea, stood youth members of peace organisations from all over the world. It was a bit overwhelming at first, all the new names and faces, but after a few ice breakers, we we’re able to discuss world issues more deeply and to explore more about why we are here.

The morning session opened with multiple ice-breakers. Remembering people’s names is never easy, especially when you have a to stand in a circle and assign an action to your name. It’s sink or swim; (thank-you Keldon and Roua!), but thankfully we made it through, with claps, jumps and jumping jacks galore. We might not have remembered everyone’s names at this point, but it certainly broke the ice and gave us energy for the next game, which involved half of us going shoeless.

With one shoe in the middle, half of us had to wait for a member of the second group to find us and reunite us with our beloved shoe! Once found, our partner (Hey, Kris!) asked us a couple of questions.
A. What is your name?
B. What is your shoe size?
And C. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
Of course, I’d already thought about this to great length, and so replied with my plan to sneak to Australia without paying (sorry mum!), it was a great idea in my head…. Until I realised I’d be invisible and people might accidentally sit on me. This definitely needs more thought!

Next up was human bingo. This was a great way to go around and talk to different people about aspects of their life, like, not drinking coffee (it’s not that weird is it?), and getting confused about if Jerusalem or Malta was actually the land of honey! It was a great way to get to know things about people, and learn some new facts about each others countries. It was extremely enjoyable, even if I did sign the ‘My country is famed for being obsessed with tea’ box multiple times!

Finally, we mixed up our names in the most polite way ever, through handshakes and how-do-you-do’s! At first we introduced ourselves, then we introduced ourselves and took the other persons name, introducing ourselves as them, and finally we had to go find our name! I still haven’t found mine, so if anybody finds it, I’d be very grateful 😉

Ultimately, this session was a great way to open dialogue between all participants and help us to feel comfortable opening up to each other. It’s great to meet so many people from all areas of the world and to hear their stories, even if that story begins with “what would you do if you were invisible for a day?


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